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Posted by - Admin / March 19th, 2010

A patent is a limited monopoly that protects inventors and innovators by giving them the sole rights to produce the given invention. By some it is viewed as being an arduous and taxing task, but Patent Assistance Worldwide can take the difficulties out of the whole patent application process. If you’ve had what you believe to be a unique and innovative product idea then your first step should be to protect that idea, and a patent application is how to do that. In the USA, a successful patent allows you 20 years before other companies and individuals are able to copy your idea.

The patent review process undertaken by a patent examiner. This not only ensures that a patent doesn’t already exist for your invention but also that it is viable to offer a patent for the product that you have designed. Some items may not be granted a patent for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean that your application has to face the same fate. Submit a product idea to Patent Assistance Worldwide and they will initially determine the likelihood of your application success. They can also assist you throughout the rest of the process from patent searching and application to licensing your product.

Once an idea is patented, it’s time to make the most of your 20 year patent. This means licensing the product so that it is manufactured, produced, and sold. Patent Assistance Worldwide can help in all of these areas too through an extensive network of licensing partners and considerable experience in dealing with these matters.

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